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Membership Policy

  1. Noir, LLC is a private club for members and their guests.

  2. New members are required to submit an application for membership. A membership fee is required upon completion of this application to enjoy all private club and membership privileges.

  3. Membership applications must be approved by Noir, LLC. All members must be 26 years of age or older to apply for membership.

  4. All members will be issued a Membership card which is valid for 1 year. All members will be required to present their Member ID card to enter Noir, LLC.

  5. All paid members will be issued a Membership card which is valid for 1 year.                                                         Memberships auto renew annually. If you wish to cancel, please notify member services 30 days prior to renewal. All members will be issued a Membership card which is valid for 1 year. All members will be required to present their Member ID card to enter Noir, LLC. Membership cards can be picked up at a Pick Up Party or when attending an event or during hours of operations.

  6. Everyone visiting Noir, LLC is required to present a state-issued ID or another valid form of identification to authenticate their age before being served.

  7. Noir, LLC reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone, member or guest, who appears intoxicated or displays inappropriate behavior.

  8. Noir, LLC reserves the right to terminate membership on demand. Any member subject to termination must immediately surrender membership card.

  9. Any violation of Noir, LLC’s Rules & Regulations and/or Virginia State ABC laws by any member or their guests will result in revocation of membership. 

  10. You are welcome to enter Noir, LLC after receipt of your membership.

  11. You may not publicly, in any format, on any medium, complain, or make negative or divisive comments about NOIR. If members have concerns, they are expected to peacefully and amicably present concerns with NOIR management.

  12. Social Media and Photography are important tools in building a reputation of credibility. Pictures taken on the property of Noir – A Simply Panache Lounge may be used for marketing purposes by Noir – A Simply Panache Lounge and Simply Panache Groupe. We want to make sure all postings showcase the very best of our members and lounge. You may not tag or link NOIR, on any social media platform, with any subject or format that may interpreted as unsavory, offensive, in poor taste or negative. Please check with NOIR management if you are unsure.

  13. NOIR belongs to every member. This is your lounge. Accordingly, if you see another member doing anything that might bring ill-repute to NOIR, please report it to NOIR management.

  14. SERVICE CHARGE: We add an 18% service charge to our bar and small plate offerings to ensure that our staff are always well compensated and available to provide our members with service excellence. This is not officially the tip, so please feel free to add the tip that you feel the service you received deserves.

  15. You are 100% responsible for the actions of your guests. Your guests must adhere to all of the same NOIR rules that members adhere to while present as your guest on your membership.


As a member of NOIR, you are responsible for upholding and protecting NOIR so that it remains a healthy growing organization that serves the purpose for which led you to become a member. We always want NOIR members to feel safe and excited about having a private place to enjoy sophisticated nightlife.

Please understand that failure to adhere to and comply with the NOIR membership policy and rules will result in revocation of membership and any monetary membership balance will be forfeited and, therefore, nonrefundable.


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